Youth, Women Empowerment & Rights

Capacity Building on Social Conscience Training (RMO Youth Group)

Since 2018, Ratana Metta Organization has provided the “Capacity Building on Social Conscience Training” hoping to promote the abilities of young people. The training takes place twice a year and the total number of 137 young people joined and were lectured. From 2018 to 2022, RMO has provided for 8 batches of training.

In the training, young people learnt the computer basic, 4 skills of English and the basic knowledge of humanitarian sector for youth courses and also joined in other youth group activities.

Some of the trainees are employed at the projects and departments of the RMO’s Head Office in need of vacancies.

Similarly, the trainees are also organized as the members of RMO’s youth group and could participate in the project activities, ceremonies and campaigns.


As a Civil Social Organization, RMO looks ahead to bring up and stiffen young people who are interested in helping and providing social assistance works

To bring up youth resource in organization’s projects

To facilitate young people in their workplaces after learning the trainings such as humanitarian knowledge, report writing in English, English speaking skills and computer skills


  • Providing English proficiency course 1 – Writing and Reading
  • Providing English proficiency course 2 – Speaking & Listening
  • Providing Awareness & building skill related to NGO and humanitarian work
  • Providing computer basic training