About Organization

Ratana Metta Organization

Ratana Metta Organization was formed on 10 September 2004 by a group of nine Buddhist associations to help people living with HIV and their families in accordance with Theravada Buddhism. It was initially set up to prevent HIV infection and create a conducive environment free of stigma and discrimination against patients. It also expanded its work to protect vulnerable children. Relief and rehabilitation efforts were intensified in Ayeyarwady and Yangon regions since affected by the Cyclone Nargis in early May.

In 2011, in Magway and Ayeyarwady Region, RMO implemented projects for livelihoods such as agriculture, raising awareness of breeding techniques and to be able to access safe drinking water as well as job opportunities under social protection sector.

Similarly, temporary shelters for the street children had been set up in Yangon, Mandalay, Pyay, Pathein and Taunggyi and also, RMO provided out of school adolescents, youths (both girls and boys) vocational trainings such as mechanics, car mechanics, motorcycle repair trainings, sewing trainings, nursing trainings and other housekeeping skills.

In order to carry out such social relief work, the registration of associations (No. 1 / Domestic / 1098) has obtained from the relevant ministry of department and is valid until 31-12-2024.

Ratana Metta is now providing free ART to more than 1,300 people living with HIV, also counseling, educating and supporting preventive measures are being taken. The service can be accessible at 483-B, Aung Metta Road, 4th South Ward, Tharketa Township, Yangon Division.

In addition, RMO has been targeted 700 children and undertaken activities such as child protection trainings for children, referral service for child cases, capacity building trainings to community; in accordance with key actors, Child Protection Groups (CPGs) and community volunteers who are interested in Childcare and protection from wards and villages of Dala Township, Yangon Region.

With regard to child labor, the Project ‘Elimination of Child Labor in agriculture value chain’ is being implemented in about 40 villages in Shwe Kyin Township, Bago Region. The monitoring of child migrant workers in Dagon Seikkan Township, Yangon Region is also being processed.

Moreover, the project ‘Access to justice for workers (A2JW)’ which is mainly focused on labor rights in accordance with the labor law is being implemented in Hlaing Thar Yar and Shwe Pyi Tar Townships in Yangon Region and Pathein Township in Ayeyarwady Region. It also works for mediation, consultation, legal advice hotline and legal aid services (in court & out of court).

Ratana Metta Organization is carrying out not only the above-mentioned projects and also Ratana Metta Microfinance Co., Ltd., is also processing in Shwe Kyin Township, Bago Region as a social enterprise aiming to improve the living standards and quality of lives among the 6,000 members of people as well as to empower women entrepreneur from more than 40 wards and villages around the Region.

The profits from the company are used for donations, constructions of school buildings and other charitable activities such as donation deep-tube wells and ponds for drinking water and also for the beneficiary welfare purposes.

Our Vision

All mankind live a better standard of living happily and peacefully in harmony without any discrimination.

Our Mission

Ratana Metta Organization will exist as a CSO and provide people in need of assistance in health, child protection and child are better living standard, development, peace building and women empowerment.

Core Value

We Value, Team Spirit, Quality, Integrity, Dignity, Empathy, Loving Kindness

Our Objective

  • To provide healthcare and services in the community to reduce infection from diseases and to improve household living conditions.
  • To create an environment where physical and mental well-being of children is developed and child rights and protection enforced.
  • To protect women from abuse and violence come empower, empower them and support for income generation.
  • To provide support for families in need of basic essentials for income generation.
  • To provide support for community development through promotion of peace in the country.
  • To promote formation of organizations with common objectives and networks with them.
  • To carry out social business activities in order to achieve the Vision and Mission of sustainable development of the Organization.