Funded by Alliance Myanmar

HIV/AIDS Care, Treatment, Testing & Counseling Project

Since 2008, Ratana Metta Organization (RMO) has initiated the HIV/AIDS Care, Treatment, HIV Testing and Counseling Project, annually partnership with Alliance Myanmar @ Maharmate. After almost 14 years, the RMO clinic has over 1100 clients on ART with excellent clinical outcomes.

The following services are provided by the RMO clinic and CBO.

  1. HIV awareness group sessions to discuss HIV and sexually transmitted infections issues, and to reduce stigma and discrimination towards people living with HIV.
  2. HIV testing and counseling
  3. Referral of positive clients to National AIDS program sites for ART treatment
  4. Community home-based care for psychosocial and ART adherence counseling
  5. Distribution of condoms and IEC materials in outreached, awareness and counseling sessions.

RMO is committed to support the vulnerable populations at risk of HIV infection to ensure that they have access to prevention, testing, treatment and support services.