Funded by PACT & LIFT

Ratana Metta Microfinance Company Limited (RMMCL)

Ratana Metta Microfinance Company limited

Ratana Metta Microfinance Company Limited initiated the Microfinance project at Shwe Kyin Township, Bago Division since 2013 with technical support of Pact MARC and funded by LIFT so that the local people can start their own small businesses. RMMCL Co. Ltd. has been operating the microfinance activities since 2013 and there were 8 wards, 65 villages from (26 village tracks) in 2022.

The objectives of the project are to have the better lives for the women and to support the community so that they need not borrow the money with large interests. Thus, the project also aims to help the local to acquire financial management skill and to get to know the skills for starting a business.

The project trained the borrowers to have the saving habit by practicing saving plan, collecting the loans with proper amount, setting off the loan if the clients pass away and even providing 50 thousand as humanitarian supports to the family of the deceased borrower

Types of the loans by RMMCL are as followed –

  • Regular loan
  • Agriculture loan
  • SME loan
  • Health loan and
  • Education loan